Statwing can now handle gigabytes of data

Most data isn’t big data; very few companies have terabytes of data on hand. But quite a few companies have what we would call “medium data”, the lower bound of which we define as “data that won’t fit into Excel without a whole lot of pain”. Depending on your computer, that limit could be reached anywhere between 100 MB and a couple GBs.

Statwing’s top paid plan now accommodates 500 MB of data. And our enterprise plan can quite readily handle 10 GB files (we can go a lot higher than that, too, but it’d require a little bit of elbow grease).

Speed-wise, Statwing is now faster than running SPSS or R on even a fairly fast computer. In less than the time that you could run a correlation in one of those programs, Statwing will run two forms of correlation, choose the best one, translate the results into plain English, and plot the data in a binned scatterplot.

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