Ridge regression

Statwing now enables you to use any of three kinds of regression.

1. Ordinary Least Squares (OLS): OLS is the most common kind of regression.

2. M-estimation: M-estimation regression downweights the impact of outliers. One problem with OLS regression is that if the variable being predicted has an outlier (e.g., most values are between 100 and 200, but one value is 1,000), that extreme outlier has a large impact on the result. M-estimation downweights the outlier so that one outlier can’t have a large impact on the results.

3. Ridge regression: Both OLS and M-estimation run into trouble with “multicollinearity” – that is, when two or more input variables are correlated with both each other and the output variable. Often in a situation like that, OLS or M-estimation will attribute all the value to one of those variables instead of splitting it between the two. Ridge regression lets you tune your regression results so that the value is spread more equally among correlated variables.

To explore, go to our regression demo dataset and click the little cog icon in the upper right corner of the result card, then select a different type of regression.

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