Partner with Statwing

Since literally the day we launched, product creators have asked if they could embed Statwing into their product, or at least export their data directly to Statwing. And we’re happy to announce that the answers are now Yes and Yes. Cut to the chase and learn about integrating with Statwing for data analysis, or learn more about the logic of integrating:

Let’s take a survey company as an example. The ultimate value for their users isn’t a spreadsheet of data, it’s the insight they get from analyzing it. So most survey companies build some simple data analysis functionality. But that’s not their core competency, and turns out it take a whole company to build a powerful but easy-to-use data analysis tool. So it makes sense to hand that off.

To facilitate that, we offer two kinds of integration via the same simple, RESTful API: a deeply integrated and branded solution, or a simple and free export-to-Statwing link (free).

Some products will be able to outsource all their analysis to us. Others add unique value with lots of analyses that are very specific to their data structure, which we can never replace. But even the latter group can usefully supplement their views with a way for users to pivot and slice and dice their data in a very flexible, statistically-driven way, especially given that adding an export-to-Statwing link is free.

We’re excited to become at least a small part of every product that collects, produces, or exports data for analysis. Get started.


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