Every MLB pitch thrown in 2014

We found a really fun dataset to play around with: every Major League Baseball pitch thrown so far in 2014, as tracked by the PITCHf/x system. It includes everything you’d want to know about a pitch: it’s speed, the type of pitch, how much it broke on each spatial axis, how many men were on base at the time, who threw it, and much more. Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.29.31 PM

We’ve grabbed all the pre-All Star break data from 2014* and popped it into Statwing.

Check it out.


Hat tip to Jeff Zimmerman of Baseball Heat Maps for organizing the data neatly into a convenient PITCHf/x download (MySQL). Here’s the very transformed version we ended up dropping into Statwing.

*A few very small notes about the dataset:

  • Okay, it’s not technically every pitch in 2014 since (1) some pitchers traded teams and for esoteric reasons that made some of the data work unnecessarily difficult, so we threw out a very small number of datapoints, and (2) a few percent of pitches don’t appear to have been tracked by the cameras, so only game context like outs and count are available, not pitch details like speed
  • Here’s a good explanation of break distance, if you looked at the dataset and were wondering.
  • The pitch types are estimated by algorithm based on trajectory and speed. It’s not a perfect classification. More on this.

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