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Delightful logistic regression

Not unexpectedly, we followed up linear regression with logistic regression.

It’s ready to go, so give it a shot with our demo dataset, predicting how likely someone is to be married based on their age, sex, religion, and anything else you’d like to use to predict it:

Heartbleed vulnerability fixed

Recently a weakness was discovered in OpenSSL, the secure cryptographic communication library that just about every site on the web relies upon. A patch was recently issued, and we’ve upgraded our infrastructure so that we’re no longer vulnerable.  That is all, carry on.

Statwing Prize Voting

We received a bunch of great submissions for the Statwing Prize. We picked our five favorites, so now it’s time for you to take a look then vote for the three analyses you find most interesting. In random order: Horizontal Tango Frequency Love, fear, and property rights Education & Suicide Should you go to grad school? Continue Reading

Partner with Statwing

Since literally the day we launched, product creators have asked if they could embed Statwing into their product, or at least export their data directly to Statwing. And we’re happy to announce that the answers are now Yes and Yes. Cut to the chase and learn about integrating with Statwing for data analysis, or learn Continue Reading

Vegetable Peelers, Door Knobs, and Optimizely

Remember how vegetable peelers used to be thin metal things,   but now they all look like this?   The new model was designed because people with arthritis struggled to use the old model. But it turns out that those big rubber grips make life easier for everyone, not just for folks with arthritis. And Continue Reading

Election Time Remix: Political Preferences and Personality Traits

The U.S. Presidential election is tomorrow and we are rehashing a post we did a little while back analyzing the relationship between politics and personality.  Using CrowdFlower, we quickly asked 2,000 Americans about their U.S. presidential election voting plans, as well as what psychologists call the Big 5 personality traits—Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness, and Extraversion. Then we took the results Continue Reading

Baltimore Parking Tickets Revisited

We thought Robert Picard’s analysis of Baltimore’s parking tickets was pretty fun. So we took another cut at sussing out whether Baltimore gives out more parking-related tickets as the end of the month nears (which could be suggestive of the existence of ticketing quotas). We designed the analysis to avoid some annoying complications in the Continue Reading

A Statistical Portrait of a Y Combinator Batch

We surveyed our Summer 2012 Y Combinator batch about their companies, and pasted the survey results into Statwing. Here’s a sampling of what we found: The median YC founder is 27, but there’s a pretty wide distribution of values.   Most startups in our batch have two or three founders, but a surprising number only have Continue Reading