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CrowdFlower survey of data scientists

We’re working with CrowdFlower on a fun little project. If you’re a data scientist, take this 5-minute survey about your work, and in exchange you’ll get the data afterwards (and hopefully we’ll all learn a thing or two).

Rundown of data tools

Our friends over at just published a blog post walking through dozens of different data tools (Hadoop, data visualization, databases, etc.). It’s not exhaustive but it’s written in human-friendly language, so we like it.

Yelp Dataset Challenge

Yelp is awarding $50k+ in prizes for interesting analyses as part of its Dataset Challenge. We’ve loaded its dataset of ~42k businesses, their ratings, and their attributes into Statwing to make them easy to explore. Check it out.

Results of Stack Overflow survey of 20,000 software developers

There’s some fun stuff in this dataset. We’ll skip the pre-analysis and let you dive right in yourself: Enjoy!

Results of HN poll: Half think bootcamp grads as good as fresh CS majors

We wanted to get a sense of how well code bootcamps prepare their graduates for work. So we asked Hacker News readers who had worked with a graduate to evaluate them.(See methodology) Most importantly we asked, “Would you rather work with the graduate, or the median fresh-out-of-college Computer Science-major you’ve worked with?”  While on average Continue Reading