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It’s football season again!

So we’d love to direct your attention to our favorite Statwing blog post of old, Ten Years of NFL Plays Analyzed, Visualized, Quizzified. If you like NFL football, you’ll love that post. If you don’t love NFL football, here’s a lovely post about the human lifecycle presented via responses to the General Social Survey.

Every MLB pitch thrown in 2014

We found a really fun dataset to play around with: every Major League Baseball pitch thrown so far in 2014, as tracked by the PITCHf/x system. It includes everything you’d want to know about a pitch: it’s speed, the type of pitch, how much it broke on each spatial axis, how many men were on Continue Reading

Could we beat Germany if players born in December weren’t discriminated against?

Players in the 2014 World Cup tended to be born in the earlier months of the year: What gives? Most countries’ youth soccer teams are broken up such that all players born in a given year are in one age group together. Players born in January are 11 months older than December-born players on their Continue Reading

Dataset: Ten Years of NFL Plays Analyzed, Visualized, Quizzified (Downloadable)

Statwing is an easy-to-use data analysis tool, available for individual use or embedded into other products. It’s third-and-3 and you desperately need a first down. What do you do, run or pass? We’ve structured ten years of NFL play-by-play data (raw data complements of Advanced NFL Stats), then uploaded it into Statwing for analysis. Now Continue Reading

NFL Play-by-Play Data—Analyzed, Visualized, and Quizzified

There’s an updated, better version of this post available here: . It’s third-and-2 and you desperately need a first down. What do you do, run or pass? A few months ago, Advanced NFL Stats released an incredible dataset containing information on every play of the 2012 NFL regular season. We structured that dataset and Continue Reading