Are you a psychopath?

Complete the scientifically validated test below to see how psychopathic you are relative to others who have taken the test.[1] It will take two minutes, and you’ll be contributing to some fun data that we’ll share back to the community.

Psychopathy is on a spectrum: some people are less empathetic and prosocial than others, regardless of whether they’re diagnosably psychopaths.[2] So the question isn’t actually Are you a psychopath?, it’s Just how psychopathic are you?

Caveats, Warnings, Disclaimers

Results from the above test should not be viewed as a serious diagnostic. But hopefully it gives you a sense of the kinds of questions explored in the Psychopathy Checklist, which is controversially used for parole hearings in some prison systems.

The Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale and the Psychopathy Checklist typically look for two relatively independent concepts. "Primary" pyschopathy concerns manipulativeness and a lack of empathy, while "Secondary" psychopathy concerns impulsiveness and and lack of behavioral control. In the interest of time, we only tested for the former. A fuller test is available here.

If you're curious about society's treatment of psychopathy, check out Jon Ronson's exploration of psychopathy. You may also want to read a criticism of Ronson's work written by the creator of the Psychopathy Checklist, Robert Hare.


[1] Quick support for this statement. Less quick support for this statement.

[2] The Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale has been validated as having reasonably similar results to the much more prevalent, professionally-administered Psychopathy Checklist.

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