Appraisers: Give 10% off Statwing, Get 10% off Statwing

By giving a 10% discount off of Statwing to other appraisers, you can now get Statwing for 10% off, 20% off, or even for free. When you next sign into Statwing you’ll see a “Get 10% off” button in the upper right:

get 10 percent off

Click that to get a personalized link:

personal link

Copy that link and send it to other appraisers who aren’t currently Statwing users, along with your thoughts on why they should check out Statwing.

Appraisers who click the link, sign up to Statwing, and eventually subscribe get 10% off of Statwing for their first year – that’s the equivalent of $60 off. And you’ll get 10% off for the next year, so everyone wins.

For each additional appraiser who subscribes through your link you’ll get another 10% off – so if ten other appraisers subscribe to Statwing through your link, you’ll get Statwing for free.

Appraisers who have already paid for an annual account will get 10% off their next year’s subscription and a refund of 10% of the already-purchased license, a $90 value.

To get started, go sign into your account and grab your personalized link.

Note: This program is currently open only to Statwing’s real estate appraisal customers.

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