Heartbleed vulnerability fixed

Recently a weakness was discovered in OpenSSL, the secure cryptographic communication library that just about every site on the web relies upon. A patch was recently issued, and we’ve upgraded our infrastructure so that we’re no longer vulnerable. 

That is all, carry on.

8 tips and tricks for getting the most out of Statwing

1. When you first load a dataset, get an overview of the dataset and look for dirty data by selecting all the variables…   …and then selecting Describe.     2. You can also relate one variable to every other variable in the dataset by putting the key by that variable and then selecting Relate.Continue Reading

Statwing can now handle gigabytes of data

Most data isn’t big data; very few companies have terabytes of data on hand. But quite a few companies have what we would call “medium data”, the lower bound of which we define as “data that won’t fit into Excel without a whole lot of pain”. Depending on your computer, that limit could be reachedContinue Reading

New Feature: Survey Weighting

We’re happy to announce the deployment of survey weighting. If you have a dataset with a column of weights, here’s how to use it: First, go to the variable settings by clicking the name of the dataset in the top left of the interface: Then, select which variable you would like to use as weights,Continue Reading

FluidSurveys Integration

We’re happy to announce that Statwing and FluidSurveys are now integrated. FluidSurveys takes a similar approach to us to usability: everything just works as it should. If you’re a FluidSurveys user but not yet a Statwing user, go here to sign up to Statwing and integrate your accounts. If you’re already a Statwing user, justContinue Reading

Statwing Prize Winners

The votes have been tallied, and we’re excited to announce the winners of the Statwing Prize. 1st place ($1000): Erin Osborne for “Education funding, Political Party, and Sex“ 2nd ($300): Maria Patterson for “Should you go to grad school? Or marry your college / high school sweetheart?“ 3rd place ($200): Iga Korneta for “Love, fear, andContinue Reading

Statwing Prize Voting

We received a bunch of great submissions for the Statwing Prize. We picked our five favorites, so now it’s time for you to take a look then vote for the three analyses you find most interesting. In random order: Horizontal Tango Frequency Love, fear, and property rights Education & Suicide Should you go to grad school?Continue Reading

Dataset: Ten Years of NFL Plays Analyzed, Visualized, Quizzified (Downloadable)

Statwing is an easy-to-use data analysis tool, available for individual use or embedded into other products. It’s third-and-3 and you desperately need a first down. What do you do, run or pass? We’ve structured ten years of NFL play-by-play data (raw data complements of Advanced NFL Stats), then uploaded it into Statwing for analysis. NowContinue Reading

Partner with Statwing

Since literally the day we launched, product creators have asked if they could embed Statwing into their product, or at least export their data directly to Statwing. And we’re happy to announce that the answers are now Yes and Yes. Cut to the chase and learn about integrating with Statwing for data analysis, or learnContinue Reading

The American lifecycle, by the data

Hover over the dotted links below to visualize them. You’re young. You live with family or friends. You find someone. You’re 24, you’re pretty happy, you’re in love. You’re 30, some lil ones are now underfoot. They’ll be there for some time. You’re 60, they’re gone. It’s just the two of you again. You’re 85,Continue Reading